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The NHS needs YOU

This week I’m going to take you back to 2017 and tell you a little bit about me, Catherine, Managing Partner of Monticle and founder of the Health Tech Mastermind, and my story.

Walking up these stairs of gloom every day at work did not inspire or energise me

It was 2017 and I was working for a health regulator. I quite liked my job. I loved my colleagues. But I didn’t feel I was having enough of an impact and I didn’t feel inspired or energised.

I could see that the NHS needed innovative thinking to keep up with what people needed, to offer high quality care, and to continue to be free at the point of use.

A lot of that innovative thinking was coming from health tech companies. I could see that those innovative companies wanted to help the NHS but didn’t know where to start. They either tried to partner with the NHS but gave up when things moved along very slowly or maybe their investors told them to forget it and go elsewhere.

Making a difference in partnering with the NHS

So I made it my mission to help as many of those companies as possible. To get their technology into the NHS and to the front line where it makes a real difference to NHS patients and staff.

I help health tech companies build strategic partnerships with the NHS to make that happen. And unlock the funding they need in order to grow and scale.

A new arrival with a mission

I wanted to work with a small number of companies so they could learn from each other too and so our Health Tech Mastermind was born.

And now in 2021 we’re hosting our second Health Tech Mastermind with a focus on mental health. The NHS is struggling to deliver mental health services to everyone who needs them and we want to help.

Over the next three to five years it’s expected that 10 million people in England will need support for their mental health, mainly as a result of the pandemic.

The NHS needs your technology and innovation to cope with this demand and I’d love to help you be successful.

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