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One of the most frustrating and challenging experiences on the planet

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

An NHS CIO said ‘to sell to the NHS must be one of the most frustrating and challenging experiences on the planet’.

{Face plant}

It may feel impossible to sell to the NHS. But guess what? It’s really not.

The truth is there are hundreds of great innovative companies partnering with the NHS.

Digitise the Mental Health Act Arden Tomison’s startup, Thalamos, is one of those companies. Their mission is simple: to digitise the Mental Health Act. To give doctors, administrators, Trusts and social workers a better way of communicating to provide better care.

Arden launched his company in summer 2019 and has been overwhelmed by the reaction to their work. This is because he’s awesome!

Check out his blog post on what he’s trying to achieve. As a guest expert on our Mental Health Tech Mastermind, Arden will talk all about partnering with the NHS at scale. He’ll cover:

How he found his first NHS customer

How he found his second NHS customer

How he started to scale across the NHS

The process he used

What you can learn from his experiences

Next up I'm going to tell you all about another of our amazing guest experts!

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